How Much Vitamin D Do We Really Need?

Healthwise Winter 2015 FINAL Hasson 300x244In the multi-lettered world of vitamins and minerals, why did Vitamin D move to the top of the list…and should it be there? Following is a look at the paradox of the “sunshine vitamin,” critical to the body’s healthy function in numerous ways, but may not be important enough to warrant regular screenings, according to the latest national recommendations. The undisputed […]

MIND Your Diet

Hasson HW 2017 Summer FINAL 2 300x177Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. – Hippocrates Food’s healing properties is a concept that stems back to the earliest days of medicine, but has taken on new significance as a natural way to prevent or manage today’s most devastating illnesses, from dementia to heart disease. The regimens presented below are […]

Sweet Surrender: Is Sugar Off the Table for Healthy Eaters?

Hasson HW 2017 Spring FINAL 1 300x178As we become more aware of what comprises healthy eating, sugar is increasingly viewed with a wary eye. Evidence is mounting that a sugar-filled diet – and the resulting weight gain – can lead to increased cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation, and to a higher risk of obesity and obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, […]

Try a New Approach to Food in the New Year: Stop Dieting and Focus on Mindful Eating

photoThe dieting-overeating-weight regain cycle is almost inevitable, not because people fail diets but because diets fail people. It is important to understand that rebound overeating happens to almost everybody, and should not be viewed as an individual weakness or fault. The main reason diets do not work over the long term is they create deprivation […]

Smoothies: Nutrition That Goes Down Easy

HW_Summer2014_NutritionFreeze the fruit and boot up the blender—summer is the perfect time to develop a taste for smoothies. With the right ingredients, a day’s worth of vitamins and minerals can be packed into a remarkably healthy breakfast or working lunch. Smoothies can be found everywhere from juice bars to yogurt shops, but the best way […]

Calorie Counting: A Weigh In

HW Summer 2014 Calorie Counting 300x209Conventional wisdom: a calorie is a calorie, and to lose weight, you must take in fewer calories than you expend. Fast forward to today: all calories are not created equal. What makes up that calorie is more important than the calorie itself, emphatically stated by Jim Kirchoff, former CEO ofWeight Watchers. “When we have a […]

Eating Patterns and Good Health

HealthWise Spring 2013 DAK 300x140For generations, people have considered two distinctly different questions about eating habits: which diet is healthiest versus which diet results in the greatest weight loss. It has long been thought that the Mediterranean approach to eating is healthy, and new research has given additional credence to this fact. The New England Journal of Medicine recently […]

Artificial Sweeteners vs. Sugar

HW Spring2014 Web Sweet LifeWhen you reach for the artificial sweetener, do you pick the pink, nab a yellow, prefer the blue or go green? The difference may be less important than you think. Each of the sweeteners contains a different FDA-approved main ingredient. For example, Sweet ‘N Low contains saccharin, aspartame is in NutraSweet and Equal, neotame and […]

Yogurt Culture

Health Wise Winter 2014 FINAL DD11Yogurt is recognized as a solid nutritional choice that delivers multiple benefits with each spoonful. It is made from pasteurized milk that has been fermented, and contains active cultures known as probiotics. Probiotics are live microbial food ingredients that, when ingested in sufficient quantities, provide notable health benefits. These living organisms have been recognized for […]

Allergies: Food Allergies

Health Wise Winter 2014 FINAL DD3Peanut-free tables in school cafeterias, grade schoolers armed with EpiPens…it is impossible to miss the signs of almost 15 million Americans who cope with increasingly prevalent food allergies. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 1997 and 2011 a significant spike occurred in American children, with one in every 13 now affected […]