Stressed Out? A Guide to Signs, Symptoms

Hasson HW 2017 Spring FINAL 293x300“I think that you will all agree that we are living in most interesting times. I never remember myself a time in which our history was so full, in which day by day brought us new objects of interest, and, let me say also, new objects for anxiety.” Was the above heard: 1. At a […]

The Connected Patient: Keeping Up with Apps

apps-The ubiquitous smart phone has boosted its useful- ness tenfold in the past decade with a mushrooming library of health and wellness apps. Some aim to help you monitor your condition day-to-day, understand and stay on track with medications, or diagnose your symptoms, while others prepare you for an unforeseen emergency, allow you to share […]

Gut Instincts: Can More Bacteria Mean Better Health?

bacteriaHealthy bacteria may seem like a contradiction in terms, but years of research and real world experience point toward an unexpectedly promising finding: the microorganisms continually forming in your intestine may confer health benefits that we are only just beginning to understand. Here is what we know: each of us has an individual set of […]

Try a New Approach to Food in the New Year: Stop Dieting and Focus on Mindful Eating

photoThe dieting-overeating-weight regain cycle is almost inevitable, not because people fail diets but because diets fail people. It is important to understand that rebound overeating happens to almost everybody, and should not be viewed as an individual weakness or fault. The main reason diets do not work over the long term is they create deprivation […]

Sleep: A Prescription for Better Health

Sleep 300x207In today’s time-pressed world, a full night’s sleep has become akin to a luxury, but beware: it is a vital necessity. Lack of sleep affects your health, from stress to heart disease to overall well-being. Even an occasional all-nighter impedes our ability to concentrate, analyze information, and significantly, to drive, making sleepiness at the wheel […]

Apps for Healthcare

apps 72dpi6 241x300Apps (short for “applications”), are pieces of software that you can download and utilize on your computer, phone or other electronic device. The initial explosion of apps in 2010 has grown exponentially each year, with more than 40,000 medical and health ones now available to users of iPhones, iPads, Androids and others. These apps offer […]

Brain Health and Exercise

Health Wise Winter 2013 Final DD2Everyone knows the correlation between physical activity and good health. Now, exciting new research supports the link between a physically active lifestyle and brain cognition… and even longevity! Researchers at the University of Iowa examined more than 100 studies linking exercise and brain health. These studies indicate that exercise is not only good for the […]

Skin Spots – What are they telling you?

Summer 2012 Healthwise DD FINALSummer weather means a change in our clothing to more abbreviated attire that exposes our skin, giving us the opportunity to take a better look at ourselves. Sometimes we’re surprised at what we find. Age Spots: Referred to as “sun spots” or “liver spots,” (although they have nothing to do with the liver), these flat, […]

Exercise – A Key Component to Healthy Aging

We all experience changes to our bodies as a natural part of growing older. Adapting to these changes can be challenging. While we cannot stop our body’s aging process, we can proactively address the physiological changes that occur in order to reduce the impact of aging on our general health. Commonly, mobility and balance are […]