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As the son of a dedicated physician, I have considered medicine my calling since childhood. I grew up with a wonderful, compassionate mentor who taught me the importance of taking time with each patient, to listen carefully and fully understand individual needs before responding. My father’s pioneering work in diabetes treatment further inspired me to focus on endocrinology. It’s a specialty that requires an especially strong, ongoing patient-physician relationship, with ample time to continually monitor overall health and lifestyle goals.

However, as most of us have experienced in the last decade, the healthcare landscape has changed dramatically, and barriers to optimal care have become overwhelming. While I continue to offer ample time and full attention to all my patients, just the opposite is being rewarded in the marketplace. Shorter, rushed visits and reduced access to healthcare essentials have become the new standard. This is not the way I want to practice medicine, but the current model is not sustainable. You deserve more, and I want to be here for you long term…to provide personalized care for many years to come.

Therefore, I decided to change my practice to a concierge/personalized care model. In my new practice, I have more time to focus on all your primary care needs while also addressing complex metabolic concerns when present. Additionally, you will be able to reach me easily and directly by phone 24/7 and know that I will be with you whenever and wherever needed. Most importantly, we will have all the time we need to further strengthen our vital patient-physician connection that is at the heart of the best care.

I hope you will join me. It would be my privilege to care for you.

Robert J. Sobel, M.D.